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Tea question

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Michael asked 1 year ago

I heard you on My Japanese Green Tea and enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to when you are products will go on sale. I do not see any that are organic or grown without pesticides. Will you be adding those at some point?
Thank you-Michael

1 Answers
kyle Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Michael,

Thanks for contacting us. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed our podcast with Ricardo Caicedo of

Regarding our web store, it is temporarily a “view only” as outgoing mail from Japan is currently stopped due to coronavirus. We anticipate it to resume on September 1st, but there is no official word yet. Granted we can make special orders, the shipping prices are very high.

The process for organic certification is long and expensive. We are slowly converting our fields to organic, so while they may be grown organically they require more time until they can be certified. We plan on releasing a new organic matcha by the time our store is open. Our other organic teas sell out as fast as they are produced, so in time as more fields become certified you will see more options available for overseas purchases.

Thanks for asking about pesticide-free tea! We pride ourselves on that and are encouraging other farmers to grow teas that are free of agrochemical pesticides as well. ALL of our tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and we go one step further by having chemical residue tests done with Eurofins.